Can I attach conditions to the scholarship?

Our aim in the scholarship programme is to spread the scholarships proportionally across all faculties. You support this goal if you sponsor scholarships without conditions for their use. However, you are welcome to express personal preferences, e.g. regarding the area of study, gender, migrant background, or level of study of the recipient.  We will try to accommodate your wishes as far as possible. However, please understand that we are bound by the legal regulations for scholarships.

Kiel University offers study opportunities at eight faculties. We particularly welcome scholarships for the humanities and social sciences.

  •     Faculty of Theology
  •     Faculty of Law
  •     Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
  •     Faculty of Medicine
  •     Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  •     Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  •     Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences
  •     Faculty of Engineering