What documents do I need for my application?

You only apply via the Online-Portal. Before you finally submit your application, please upload the following documents as attachment (in PDF format):

  • general certificate of qualification for admission to higher education (HZB - Allgemeine Hochschulzugangsberechtigung), a HZB specific to the subject of study, or a foreign HZB whose equivalence has been recognised by the relevant office.
  • if a student has certificates from previous degree programmes, these must also be submitted.
  • if necessary, proof of caring for a biological child (copy of the child's birth certificate)
  • if necessary, proof of particular achievements, awards, prizes (e.g. winner of the German young researcher competition "Jugend forscht") from the last two years, previous vocational training, work experience or voluntary services lasting at least six months, current extracurricular activities or activities in other fields, such as voluntary work in society, university politics or religion, or in associations or clubs, as well as proof of special personal or family circumstances such as illnesses and disabilities, caring for close relatives in need of nursing care (parents, siblings, spouse), or proof of a personal background as a “first generation student”.
  • candidates who have successfully participated in a Software Challenge, and have applied to study computer science at Kiel University, must also submit their scholarship certificate for the Software Challenge.


If the application documents (including certificates, proof of voluntary activities, prizes and awards, as well as vocational training, work experience and voluntary services) are not written in German or English, an officially certified German translation must also be submitted.

Applicants whose scholarship is approved must present original versions of their documents upon request. In the case of insufficient proof being submitted, the decision to award the scholarship or the option to take up a scholarship may be withdrawn.