Sponsors: sponsor a scholarship

Together with you, dear sponsors, we want to set an example.

We want to promote outstanding achievements and assist students at our university in their day-to-day tasks and additional projects.

Every scholarship keeps our university on course for international success. Also, on behalf of the University Board, I would like to thank those of you who have already joined us on this exciting journey. To everyone else, I extend a warm welcome and invite you to:

Come on board! Support our talent. Open up more opportunities for the best possible development of Kiel University.

Who can sponsor scholarships?

Companies, organisations, associations and individuals can be involved in the Deutschlandstipendium programme. You can sponsor a single scholarship or several scholarships at the same time.

What value does the scholarship programme offer to sponsors?

Sponsors ...

  • establish connections with the next generation of talented young professionals. You get to know your scholarship recipients in person.
  • develop skilled staff. You can present yourself as an attractive employer through targeted and special channels.
  • attract publicity. On request, during the period of funding, you are presented on our web pages with a portrait and a statement.
  • create happiness. You are involved in the success of your scholarship recipients. They value the recognition, the freedom, the additional opportunities that a scholarship offers them.
  • become part of the funding community at Kiel University.
  • receive a donation receipt, as this donation is tax-deductible.

How do I sponsor scholarships?

You sponsor an amount of € 1.800 per scholarship. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) adds the same amount. Your scholarship recipient then receives a total scholarship of € 3.600 from October to September, i.e. € 300 per month.

The Deutschlandstipendium is paid by the universities directly to the recipients. The scholarship is awarded irrespective of income, and can be obtained in addition to BAföG.

Of course you can receive a donation receipt from us that allows you to make your support tax deductible.

What obligations do I have when becoming a sponsor?

In principle, there are no further obligations associated with the sponsorship. However, the scholarship programme welcomes exchanges between sponsors and recipients. The university supports this networking objective with events such as the awards ceremony at the beginning of the winter semester, and by further networking events and excursions. In addition, informal meetings are welcome at any time.

Can I attach conditions to the scholarship?

Our aim in the scholarship programme is to spread the scholarships proportionally across all faculties. You support this goal if you sponsor scholarships without conditions for their use. However, you are welcome to express personal preferences, e.g. regarding the area of study, gender, migrant background, or level of study of the recipient.  We will try to accommodate your wishes as far as possible. However, please understand that we are bound by the legal regulations for scholarships.

Kiel University offers study opportunities at eight faculties. We particularly welcome scholarships for the humanities and social sciences.

  •     Faculty of Theology
  •     Faculty of Law
  •     Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
  •     Faculty of Medicine
  •     Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  •     Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  •     Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences
  •     Faculty of Engineering

Can I sponsor a scholarship for a specific person?

No. The Deutschlandstipendium programme is primarily a performance-orientated scholarship, and therefore ranking lists are created for the awards, which are mainly based on the Abitur (A-level equivalent) or Bachelor’s degree grade achieved. The scholarships available are then awarded in accordance with the order of the candidates in the ranking. Personal relationships may not play a role in this - quite apart from the fact that this would be a legal grey area.

Can I claim the scholarship as tax deductible?

Yes. The funds provided by sponsors can be claimed as tax-deductible expenses according to Section 10b (1) of the Einkommensteuergesetz (German Income Tax Act). These can be claimed for tax purposes, together with other allowable deductions, up to an amount of 20 percent of the total income, or four thousandths of the total sales and salary and wage costs in the calendar year. Answers to tax law questions about the Deutschlandstipendium can also be found here:

What is the legal basis for this scholarship programme?

The Deutschlandstipendium is a programme by the Federal Government and is governed by the German act on the creation of a national scholarhsip programme

Bundesgesetz zur Schaffung eines nationalen Stipendienprogramms

(StipG) from the year 2010. The text of the law and implementation regulations can be viewed and downloaded at:

 Download: Gesetzestexte und ausführenden Verordnungen zum Deutschlandstipendium

The implementation of the programme at Kiel University and the details on awarding scholarships are stipulated in an internal guideline (PDF) by the University Board.

interne Richtlinie des Präsidiums (pdf).

Information from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides answers to general questions, selecting and contacting recipients, taxes etc.

Bank account

If you want to a sponsor a scholarship, you can simply transfer the amount to the foundation account:


Förde Sparkasse

IBAN: DE22 2105 0170 1400 0483 91


When making a deposit into the foundation account please write "Deutschlandstipendium" and your name as the transaction reference.

We will be happy to provide you with an invoice.

Every scholarship is most welcome and can make a big difference!